About Us


 As consumers, we understand the frustrations and needs of other consumers and can provide an effective solution. As young entrepreneurs, we are directly connected to many other small business owners and have created a network of sharing and promoting business and economic growth. With the proliferation of social media, there is an abundance of information available to consumers every day with the click or tap of a button. Upon these principles, we have built a centralized, online marketplace of vendors with many different specialties and services to offer. 

Why is What Ya Need 242 unique?

Understanding that many residents and citizens of the Bahamas have established small businesses but limited awareness may be provided for their specialty, What Ya Need 242? enhances the attention given to those types of businesses. 
Your access to small businesses within The Bahamas at the click of a button.  
Charles A. Gardiner  
CEO & Co-Founder
Jeffrenique S.N. Cooper-Gardiner
COO & Co-Founder
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