Transformational and Relationship Coaching

Genia and Jesse help clients experiment with new mindsets, ways of being, and stretch behaviors, as well as build new skills and beliefs. Together, they bring an extensive background and set of methodologies, along with a highly intuitive, and supportive yet challenging approach… As always, we are grateful to offer a complimentary session to new clients. Message us anytime and let’s set something up, either live or cyber style!
Genia Silva

Nassau, New Providence
The Bahamas
RainDance Life Genia Silva
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As Coaches, Genia and Jesse are known for blending transformational inner work with practical and powerful results. What sets them apart is their combination of philosophy, psychology and human behavior background and 20+ year path of transformational and trauma work combined with Mindfulness Meditation, NLP and CBT. This gives them the unique ability to quickly locate “unlock points” that unleash a higher level of power and potential and shift previously hard-to-change patterns at their core.

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